Diapers & Deep TalkListen now (67 min) | Diaper lovers, squirting on windshields, delving into deeper D/s, externalizing submission and I talk about the grief of losing a pet.
June 28th, 2022: Free Mini-sodeListen now (14 min) | Playing with couples, selling panties and a spank bank story!
FULL INTERVIEW: Lady Valeska, London Dominatrix!Watch now (62 min) | Let's talk to London Dominatrix, Lady Valeska!
Lady Valeska Interview Teaser!Listen now (22 min) | Toronto native and current London Dominatrix, Lady Valeska, joins me for a chat about kink, BDSM and life as a professional…
Gags & GatekeepingListen now (66 min) | Welcome to the new podcast format and thanks for subscribing!
June 14th, 2022: Free Mini-sodeListen now (16 min) | Welcome to the new substack format!
Sissies & Shout OutsListen now (50 min) | I'm making some changes here on Substack, I ask for segment suggestions, talk about sissies and feminization and I give some…
EROTICA: Gold Digging Step-MomListen now (12 min) | Your sexy Step-Mom always seems to get what she wants. Let's find out EXACTLY how she does it.
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